Mandy Ringdal

For Mandy Ringdal, music is a celebration of life. With thought-provoking and heart-felt lyrics paired with a strong, vibrant, and emotionally raw voice, she shares her fears and pains, her loves and dreams. With a firm underlying message of unyielding hope in the face of adversity throughout her music, it’s not hard to see that Mandy Ringdal is a living testament to the strength of humanity and the power found in music.

For Mandy, the story begins when an earth-shaking cancer diagnosis forced her to reevaluate her life and pursue her lifelong dream of working in the music world. After teaching herself to play the guitar and always managing to write constantly, her first EP, 2013’s “A Glimpse” was released. The first single, “Alive At 25” proved to be a strongly effective first introduction to her talents, earning her media acclaim in the form of constant radio and newspaper interviews and a CMT Video grant, which saw Mandy filming the video to “Alive At 25” out near Vancouver, with the final product entering CMT’s highly sought after rotation. The next year, Mandy released her second EP titled “Love Knows” with the first single, “Love Knows What To Do”  finding itself in the top 3 DMDS downloads on the day of release and making the semifinals in the Unsigned Only Songwriting contest two times.

It was a positive sign that in just her first year in the music world Mandy had already been regarded as an emerging artist with great promise and managed to accomplish what so many new artists have spent years trying to achieve. But it was just the beginning for her.

Very cognizant of the well-known fact that in order to be a success in the music industry, one must constantly put themselves out there in both recorded works and the stage, Mandy has been a live performing machine,  gracing the stages at the 2014 Saskatchewan Country Music Association Awards Songwriter’s Cafe, the Roots Artist Songwriting Series at The Bassment in Saskatoon, as well as multiple fundraisers such as Sparkle & Shine Gala hosted by the Shooting Stars Foundation with the Shine on Chantelle Foundation and the Outlook Daycare Fundraising Gala. She even sung the national anthem during the CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders’ annual Pink Game, where over 32,400 people gathered at Regina’s Mosaic Stadium to raise funds for women’s cancer and the Touchdown for Dreams Program, of which Mandy herself was a recipient. Most recently she showcased at the 2015 CCMA’s and captured many new industry fans as a result.

Mandy’s latest EP, “Fight the Fight”, released in June of this year, is yet another example of the incredibly moving, emotionally honest talent that she possesses and showcases just how far she’s come as both a writer and performer. Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered at MCC Recording Studios in Calgary, “Fight the Fight” contains songs that further paint the portrait of the artist, showing openness in to her thought process but presented in a way that will have the listener relate and nod their head along with the beat. One such example is the first single out to radio, “Nostalgic” which, unsurprisingly, reached #2 on DMDS downloads on the first day, held out at #4 in its second week, and cracked the Top 100 Canadian Country charts.

The title of her EP, “Fight the Fight” is a fitting ethos for Mandy. While it is in reference to her battle with cancer, it’s also a reminder of just how precious life is and how little of it should be wasted. With many more plans on the horizon, including several live performances and more songs in the works, Mandy Ringdal is alive and savouring every moment. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.