Lots Happening!

Now that summer has officially turned to fall and the boats have been winterized its time to refocus! Harvest is in full swing around here and things are busy! but, never too busy to keep writing! I've been working on a new song; something upbeat, that takes you back to a more simple time in life. I think folks will like it! No plans yet for another visit to the studio, but its always on the near horizon!

I was in studio earlier this summer and soon will release two singles on iTunes. "Love Knows What to Do" is my first co-written song. I wrote it with David Leask. He's an amazing songwriter and human being! I learned so much from him, and can't wait to write with him again. We wrote the song over Skype, and in our first meeting he asked what I wanted to write about. I said "forgiveness and how important it is to let go of grudges", to which he responded "oh so something really light then?" We managed to put together a pretty great song in spite of the daunting topic!

The second single is called "I'm Gone". It's a song about what its like to lose a loved one, and things that are left behind. The song is from the perspective of the person that has passed. When writing it, I drew on some of the memories of when my mother and sister passed, but also on my current life. I guess the basic message in the song, is that there are so many trivial things in life, and many of them are nothing but things left behind when we go. The most important thing in life is love, and our relationships with our loved ones.

Both songs will be on iTunes very soon!