Fight the Fight

by Mandy Ringdal

Released 06/29/2015
Released 06/29/2015
Edgy with a hip country sound, Mandy's 3rd EP showcases her unique songwriting style and distinctively groovy voice!
Mandy's 3rd EP "Fight the Fight", is another glimpse into the artists's unique songwriting style. The new tracks were recorded at MCC Recording Studios in Calgary and clearly show the growth both vocally and lyrically that Mandy has had over the past year. As a cancer survivor and still fighting the disease, Mandy's writing isn't just a hobby, it's a driving force in her continued fight and perseverance. Her songs tell truths about the human spirit, the strengths and weaknesses we all possess ("Outsider") and the need for having fun and letting loose ("Nostalgic"). "Bobby's Drums" was written in honour of a friend that passed away in a snowmobile accident. The deep drum beats carry the listener on a journey like that of playing a memory of a loved one passed on. The new tracks show more of Mandy's vocal range, thanks to the guys at MCC for pushing Mandy to do her best! Enjoy the new music and here's to making more tunes in the future!