Find the Good

by Mandy Ringdal

Released 2016
Released 2016
A collection of powerful songs of hope and perseverance come to life with Mandy's unique voice and honest songwriting.
Mandy has been a cancer survivor for 7 years and continues to fight the disease to this day. In spite of those struggles she continues to pursue music and her dream of sharing her songs with the world. This collection of songs are all about hope, perseverance, and staying strong in spite of the constant struggles that life throws our way.
This EP, "Find the Good" is Mandy's 4th digital album, and her skill as a songwriter and storyteller continue to grow as does the development of her unique voice. Her songs are honest and raw and everyone can relate to their themes in one way or another. If you need a bit of inspiration or just want to hear something positive in your ears, take a listen to this EP, and let it take you away to a better place.